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Vintage Restoration

Back to factory specifications:

     This is what Glen really became known for in the straight razor community, this type of restore is done so that the razor is kept as close to factory original as possible....
The blades are polished and cleaned using several different methods, but are brought back to as close to the original finish as possible while still maintaining the integrity of the blade itself..
     The razor handles (scales) are cleaned and also polished so that they end up looking as close to when they left the factory as they possibly can...
   After the razors look good, they are honed on a succession of water stones to reset the cutting edge (bevel) and are progressively honed until the edge is "razor" sharp.... The edge is then stropped on different styles of Felt, Linen, and Leather strops until it gets to what we call "Shave Ready"
    Each blade is personally test shaved, sterilized, re-stropped, oiled, and then sent on to it's new owner....

Vintage Restores

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