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I received the razor a few days ago. I am extremely satisfied with your
work. I was not without worry when I sent something that I treasured out
into the wild. It is good to know that there are people like you out
there, people who do high-quality work for a reasonable price.

Thank you,
Stephan T


Hi Glen,
Got the razors in sometime last week…I was out of town and they were waiting for me when I got back. Shaved with both of them this week and man are those some super shavers, especially the Torrey! These are the first two razors I’ve had restored and they are perfect----let the RAD begin:)

Thanks for all your work


I am delighted with the work the Glen has done for me both with restoring Razor's and honing. All work has been completed to the highest standard, and in a timely and professional manner. I have no hesitation in recommending the services of this company.



My first letter to you Glen:

My name is Mikael O, living in Stockholm, Sweden. I am a newbie at the Straight Razor Forum under the name Carlos and it is through this site that I have found your name and restoration services.
I have a problem and I am not sure how to proceed with it here in Sweden due to the lack of interest in razors here, and would therefore be thankful for all help I can get."

A shot in the dark for me - but You helped me. 
I am now afterwards so glad I did turn to you - because the razors arrived safely here in Stockholm today!
I am sure you might have heard it all before, but for me, this is the first time I have sent my cherished razors across the ocean, so I must tell you how pleased I am with your work - and some other things (more of that later..) 
I collected the parcel at the local post office and was so eager to have a look, so I sat down at a close-by café, bought a cup of coffee, stirred the sugar and smugly opened it: 
"Wow! - they are heavy, they look old, they feel more solid than before, the wedges are truly black, look at the grains in the olivewood, look at the......"
Well, I was so focused on your work that I did´t notice the café attendant coming up, saying: "Sorry Sir, knifes are not allowed on these premises".
My reply: - "Oh mademoiselle, but these are not knifes, these are just razors..." At just that point I realised that I was a little bit off the road, so I put them away and left.
Anyhow, that was just a short story about how your work put me off focus today, and I should have known better : )
In short Glen - thanks for your work with these razors in order to help me in a helpless situation. As I wrote before, I didnt know where to go with this problem and I truly appreciate your help. I am very pleased with them and so is my wife who patiently enjoys seeing me executing my hobby every evening.
Another thing.
You have a way of taking care of people in a most enterprising way. You answered me (a totally unknown person in Sweden),  regarding my first desperate and strange pm in a most assuring way.
You later told me that it would take at least 30 days before you could start working on my razors. You have kept me updated in due time of your stipulated time schedule (Sorry about my British English) and you have shown a most polite tone in your letters wich have assured me comfort as a customer - keep that good friendly tone up!!!

Mikael / Carlos



Received the Kron Punkt today, wasn't expecting it so soon, but as I was planning on testing another recently acquired razor, the timing was perfect and this one got moved up.

The sharpness of the honing is perfect, I can best describe it as a perfect balance between smooth and sharp, the shave was so smooth it was unbelievable, as it is hollow ground I could hear it cutting much more then I could feel it, as it was so smooth. Two passes and I am about 95% BBS awesome, thank you very much.

Thank you as well, for the enclosed info paper, I appreciate that. I did exactly as you said and did not strop before the first shave....

Thanks again
Crankymoose / Jim



The razor was delivered yesterday and I used it this morning.  It felt fantastically smooth, best shave yet for me.

Thanks so much!

Best regards,

Glen, I received my new (to me) Thistle razor this afternoon in good order.  I love the yellow scales, and I am very happy with the new razor.  I shaved with it this evening after a long shower and lathered up with my new Gentleman's Quarter Leatherneck soap.  Great soap by the way.  I had a great shave and just wanted to let you know that the blade is fantastic, and gave me a great shave.  Thank you so much.  I got this razor to have a second shaver.  I got a Dovo Special last week, and have used it everyday this last week.  I have been learning to use it and making strides and mistakes.  It's a 6/8, and I like it, but, I think the Thistle shaved me better.  Fun to use.  Plus, I love the idea of shaving with such a great looking restored piece of history.  I just wanted to share my experience with you, and say the I admire the work you did on this piece. 




Hi Glen,

I received the razor (5/8 Goldedge) this afternoon. Thank you very much for your immaculate packing; it arrived without any harm.

The razor was expected to go under the Christmas tree but when my wife was absent I just had to give it a test drive. What a nice shave! No grabbing or pulling. I'm new to straight razor shaving but the result was much better than my DE shaving.

Actually, this is my second initiation into straight razor shaving. My last straight razor shaving was almost 20 years ago with a Henckles I asked my sister to bring back from Germany. At that time I had no idea even what shave ready means. After several horrible shaves (obviously not shave ready), I took it to a knife shop in Tokyo to sharpen it (they specialized in Japanese knives but maybe not those kinds of blades) but not much improvement. I purchased an expensive German strop at the shop but no one told me how to properly use it. Quite understandably, I accidently cut that strop almost into half. . . With all those troubles, I just gave up the time consuming hobby of straight razor shaving.

Nowadays we can easily avoid those common mistakes thanks to many internet user groups and I just wanted to give it a try what I wanted to do 20 years ago. Here comes in your beautiful blade, for my second initiation. Thank you very much for giving me a tool that motivates me to resume my initiation into straight razor shaving.

I collect and sharpen Japanese knives, but I don't think my stones or my technique are quite ready to tackle this razor. So, I'll send it back to you for sharpening when necessary. Until then I'll try out this new blade and hope to make it a part of my daily ritual.

Thanks again,





Glen, just letting you know that I received the razor (GEM / Frank Doda) you had restored for me, and would like to let you know that I'm very pleased with the work you have done to it. Also to let you know that you did it in a timely fashion, which is a breath of fresh air since lately I have been receiving terrible service from companies I have dealt with. you were professional, and did what you promised!!! Thank You again. as this was a family piece, and I was worried about sending it out to anyone... I will be sending you others to restore in the future!!   Thanks again for your beautiful work!!

Eric P.


 I just had my first shave with the razor you restored for me!!.. 1 pass BBS!!!.. not only does it look GREAT!!!... but its the best shaver I've used yet!! You are a master on the hone! but you already knew that. Thank you very much for sharing your talent!!!.
Ryan From Alaska
Hey Glen

So I just shaved with the razor yesterday (I had it delivered to my
parent's home since deliveries to my apartment are a bit tough, and didn't want
to risk it with this).
It was awesome! Such an incredible experience to be using my gramp's razor.
I can't thank you enough for bringing it back to life. And the smile on it is
great, it puts a smile on my face as well!!! I'm sure my gramp is just as happy
as I am now, so I can't thank you enough for doing such a great job. I truly
appreciate it.
I'm sure I'll be sending out some razors to you in the future. :) Thanks
much Glen, talk to you soon.
Chris Q

Just a follow up on the order I received from your company: Gemstar

1) The packaging was - to be straight on - excellent. Thank
you for thinking enough of your products and customers to do a great job on

2) The bench strops - they cause me a problem: I look at them and
realize how versatile they can be... I may have to order another set.... BTW:
They are very nicely made...

3) The DFS razor - yes, it is indeed a
DFS.... You also used the rust preventative paper that I recognize from misc.
firearms parts packaging (and even whole firearms). That is a really nice

4) The Cerium and CrOx... I had avoided using pastes/sprays/etc:
for some time. Just did not seem to be a necessary step in my preferred razor
prep (DMT Blocks / Prehistoric Lizard Coticule / Spyderco UF).
But, having
used the ones I ordered from you - I can see why another straight shaver said
that it is just that "better step" in straight blade shaving...

Great job
- You will be seeing more orders from me in the future!

Received my Torrey today and wanted let you know how pleased I am with your level of service.  It is great to see someone who takes such pride in their work.  I wasn't expecting it back so soon. And the work on the hones was above my expectation. 
Just wanted to take time to say "Thank You!"

Christopher B