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Vintage "Damn Fine Shaver" Series

DFS Razors Are priced for the Straight Razor user looking for a solid shaver without spending a lot of money  they are all fully restored with No Rust, No Corrosion, and many have no Pitting... They have been cleaned polished and brought to a full shave ready condition before they head home to you.. We are keeping the prices on them between $39 and $109

 Insured CONUS Shipping is about $7, International shipping (NO insurance) is slightly more (about $25)...We will continue to keep them supplied as long as we can...

Gemstar Bench Strop
Bench Strop
Beginner/Bench Strops
After thinking about it over the last year I realized the answer was right in front of me, I have always advised beginners to lay their Hanging strops along the edge of a Table or Counter top when learning to use them.. This eliminates the sagging issue, and also allows a Beginner to concentrate on learning the "Flip".. Learning how to Flip the razor on the spine while changing direction is really the key to good stropping.. Using a Bench Strop also eliminates the over-pressure issues and should help you to NOT fold the edge while stropping.. Best of all you really should not be cutting this strop up...
   So I thought about what a Beginner needs for a first strop, I measured my hanging strops and found that 16 inches was the average length of the stropping surface, I figured 3 inches wide would make a Beginner comfortable..
   I sourced some good quality 7-9oz Vegetable Tanned Leather and went to work, I bought some nice Ash, Stained & Sealed it with Polyurethane included a label with stropping instructions on the bottom..
After attaching some 3/4 inch silicone feet the NEW Gemstar Customs Bench Strop is now available ...

   Now for the best news, these are what I actually use for pasted strops, I have found no better way to use pastes as of yet, so after you learn to "Flip"  the razor and strop correctly, you know you are going to go buy a High Quality hanging strop and this will not go to waste.. You can simply add CrOx or your favorite paste and re-purpose it..

Or if you just need a good platform for applying pastes now, the price is sure right..
I have 99.99% CrOx available now, the company I sourced says .30 micron but more important is the purity of the paste.. $8 for 20 grams which would last me years even doing this professionally
Selling for $30  (Awaiting Leather delivery more coming soon)
After doing some research I have found that the USPS Priority Triangle is the most cost effective way to ship these, the price averages $10 across the US... 2-3 day delivery

Custom Brushes for Sale.....
Something new on a limited basis,
I will be offering Handmade Custom Deer, & Elk Antler brushes for sale, I have Elk Antler in stock now and I build the brushes to order.. I can use almost any color as a base, with or without a Silver or Brass liner, the brushes can be left more natural with the base simply sealed with Epoxy...
 The brushes are all made with 22 - 30 mm Silvertip Overstuffed Knots ... The Antler is sealed and the knots are secured with Marine Grade 2 ton epoxy, so they should last a lifetime..
These are of course Natural Antler and no two are the same  Cool  The picture is brush with a Brass lined Amber Base....
Prices start at $60 and go up from there depending on the base and the size of the Knot
I am now Turning my own brushes, and after working on the finish now for over a year and I think I have the solution I was wanting for the wood handles...
Instead of just putting finish "On" the wood, I am using a Vacuum Chamber to completely seal the wood inside and out.. Each completed wood handle is placed under Vacuum for 48 -72 hours, I am using Daly's Seafin Marine wood sealer on the tight grain woods, and Polyurethane on the others.. After the wood has become completly impregnated with the finish, the handle is dried for 3 weeks or longer... They are then coated with Renaissance Wax and machine buffed 3 times..

The Knots are either 22mm or 24mm Overstuffed SilverTips I normally set them slightly low (about 52mm) so they have a tiny bit more body.. All knots are set with 3500 lb Marine Grade Epoxy..
The Flash Acrylics are the same blanks as I have been using on scales for several years, these and the Wood brushes can be made to match a set of Custom scales.. The knots and how they are mounted are the same as above..   




Gemstar Shipping Charges
For CONUS Customers shipping one item is generally $6 which includes Boxed, Tracked and Insured, (up to $199 in value) this price holds pretty good, even for two items... With the increases in Insurance prices the shipping charges change by about $2 per $100 in value.
For International Customers, I quote what I get quoted by the post office, I will normally give three differnt options for shipping and then it becomes your choice...

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